Work Based Learning/Internships

All Senior MST Students and Parents: The time is NOW to prepare for spring internships =

Checklist of what you should already have completed:

  1. Appropriate Working Papers
  2. Revised Resume
  3. Have informed Brendan through email of at least 3 intership sites you would be interested in
  4. Email w/cover letter and resume to your preferred internship site.

Other Important Information

Scholars At Work (SAW) Internship Applications are due Monday December 12 2016

Dept of Administrative Services – Applications for second cohort are expected shortly – BE Prepared.



Seniors have started their Spring Internships above you see Harbor intern Willin Rodriguez with Seaport Museum President Jonathan Boulware and Welder/Waterfront Crew Randall Clarke Dennis.


Here you see Harbor Interns Erika and Tiana hard at work replacing a section of the upper bulwark plank on the historic Lettie G Howard

Seniors: It is time to be identifying internships for the Spring. Please submit at least three internship possibilities to your CTE instructor before Wednesday 12/20/2015


Office Hours: Brendan will be available in the Student Support Center Fridays 3rd Period to help with work based learning issues.

Marine Systems related internships available in Fall 2015 (see Brendan with questions or for applications):

South St Seaport – Pioneer, Lettie G. Howard, Waterfront.

New York Harbor Foundation – Billion Oyster Project Welders, Boatbuilders

NY Water Taxi – Engineering Dept

Staten Island Ferry

Village COmmunity Boathouse

Hornblower Cruises and Events

GMD Shipyard

Spirit Cruises




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