Yesterday our annual Professional Advisory Committee was held. We had a great turn out with reps from USCG, SUNY Maritime, NYC Ferries, Liberty Landing Marina, Brooklyn By Sail, American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC), Project Liberty Ship, South St Seaport and Kirby Offshore all in attendance we discussed ways to motivate students to want to enter the maritime industry, ways industry partners can support the programs, we reviewed the ABYC curriculum materials, we discussed the latest technological advancements in gas, diesel and electronics. We also discussed internship opportunities and entry level attitudes, skills and knowledge.

Yesterday we launched the Marine Systems Technology student built and rigged ‘Diablo Grande’ designed by Phil Bolger the 40hp E-Tech engine and controls were donated by Evinrude through our partners American Boat and Yacht Council. Stay tuned for performance reports!

Hello All Fall 21017 is here!!

Welcome to the Class of 2020 into the the Marine Systems Technology Program. Here are some updates:

  • Randall Clarke Dennis is now an official NYC Teacher allowing us to expand our welding and metal working curriculum and program. Sophmores and Juniors will take 9 weeks in the Fall semester and 9 weeks in the Spring. Seniors will take 9 or more weeks depending on their senior project.
  • October 18th 2017 seniors and alumni will be attending the first NYC Maritime Industry Job Fair in Atlantic Basin sponsored by NYCEDC.
  • We will be launching two student built boats this Fall The New York Bay Sloop “Stephenson Pope Babcock” and Motorboat “Diablo Grande”.

Notes from last week’s Professional Advisory Committee Meeting on 12/7/2016

Hello Marine Systems PAC Members

Thank you so much for coming out to the meeting. I have attached the latest version of Marine Systems Technology curriculum for your review at your leisure. The major updates were:

1) Program up for 5 year New York State review/re-certification next year. Will require new letters of support from industry and new articulation agreements with post secondary institutions.
2) Hiring Clarke Dennis as our welding instructor 3 days a week and adopting the American Welding Society (AWS) Online learning course (we are still working on writing this into the curriculum)
3) Hiring Jimmy Sanchez as our Marine Mechanics Instructor 3 days a week.
First project rigging the E-Tech 40 donated by Evinrude/American Boat and Yacht Council on the motorboat that is being finished fiber glassing
4) Conversion of the shop at the MAST center into a welding and metal fabrication facility
5) Construction of the temporary boat cover behind the Main building shop, planking complete on the new york bay sloop
6) possibility of welding interns at GMD shipyard
7) Possible internship at Baylander LLC
8) Possible internship at Hudson River Community Sailing(HRCS)
9) Scholarship opportunities from AWS
10) Opportunities for grads at Seafarers International Union school at Piney Point Maryland 15 month training program for deep sea mariners
11) Intro to engines in 10th grade then 12 week rotation with Jimmy 11th grade
12) 11th grade in 12 Week rotations Welding Metal Fabrication, Marine Electrical and Marine Mechanics, OSHA 10 hour and CPR/AED First moved to 10th grade.
13) Provide update on how senior projects turned out
14) Mill/Lathe Qualification – Face Flange, Seal Ring, Taper Thread
15) Putting in proposal to get some of the old USCG vessel maintenance buildings on the southern end of the island
16) ABYC developing a new secondary level assessment we will be beta testers
17) SUNY Maritime naval architecture sophomore Gina Brown gives remarks explaining what Work Based Learning (WBL) is, what her WBL experience was, and why it was so valuable. Great job Gina!
18) SUNY Maritime engineering sophomore  Harbor alum Malachi Harewood recognized for being first student to pass ABYC  Marine Systems Technology certification exam!
19) We have a (modest) website www.nyhsmst.org check it out!
Again thank you, without your support the program could not exist.


Engine Maintenance on Indy 7


MST Sophomores pe

MST Senior troubleshoots starting system on outboard. Solenoid seems to be the culprit next step remove and take it to the bench to see if it can be repaired or needs to be replaced.

20151211_145055[1]Welcome class of 2019!

Keelboat Sailing Team Meeting Main Building Main Deck Compartment 106 Friday Sept 11 2015

Welcome Randall Clark Dennis our new metal working and welding teacher and Medina Mohammed Marine Systems Technology Assistant

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