Current Students

January 19, 2019

All Students RSVP for the Boat Show

Seniors: You should have your resume and cover letters done and you should have sent them out to 5 potential employers

Juniors: The project report on your electrical system model is due on Wednesday January 23

Sophomores: Your woodworking related career report is overdue and the toolbox project report is due Wednesday January 23

Marking Period 3 has begun stay on top of your work. Remeber to come to class on time, prepared and in your boilersuit!

Seniors: Internship Internship Internship – Go to WBL/Internships for more information

Juniors: New Rotations Marine Electrical, Basic Welding, Applied Studies

Sophomores: Tool Box Projects Must Be Completed by the end of the Marking Period 3. At least 5 skills should be checked off your Marlinspike SKills Q-Card including Bowline, Cleat Hitch, Coil and Toss, Square Knot and Clove Hitch.


2nd MP Ends December 7th


  1. Fabrication Math I and II should be finished by 12/7/2016
  2. Recently updated resume.
  3. Email the names of 3 possible internship for Spring
  4. Presentation on your senior project for PAC meeting 12/7/2016
  5. Make sure your working papers are updated for spring if you are not going to be 18 by February


  1. Fabrication Math I and II should be finished by 12/7/2016
  2. 5 page Maritime Disaster Research paper due 11/22/2016
  3.  Working Papers in order.


  1. Get working papers
  2. Sign up for a MST related afterschool program (Boatbuilding, Vessel Maintenance, Welding, Waterfront Club)

March 13/2016

MST 10

  1. If you have not turned in your “Tool Box Project Report” than you must do so by the end of this week for it to be reflected in the 1st Marking period report card.
  2. Also schedule a retake of your shop machinery quiz if you are unhappy with your grade.
  3. You must obtain Working Papers if you are eligible.
  4. Make sure you are participating in a least 2 hours per week in a maritime industry related afterschool or weekend activity. LOG YOUR PARTICIPATION.
  5. IF you have not assembled your tool box schedule lunch periods in order to do so.


  1. Make sure you are prepared to make your OSHA safety presentation.


  1. Internship: Keep those internship journals coming. Check in to see if your payroll cards have arrived or if you want direct deposit. Time sheets are due Friday March  18th 2016 for Pay Period 11
  2. Remember Fridays are for studying for your SkillsUSA and ABYC assessments and working on senior projects.

MST10: Woodworking has started! You must report to class in coveralls starting Monday December 14th

MST11: You will be preparing the orders for electrical supplies for the electrical sysems of Diable Grande, Criscraft and Diblo Pequeno

MST12: Make sure you have turned in your 3 internshp placement options to Brendan by Wednesday Dec 16th

Welcome Back!

All MST students are required to purchase a navy blue coverall please visit and purchase the correct size and color embroidery is available for extra cost.

End of  MP1 Friday Oct 23


10/10/2015 Students should have read and answered review questions for chapters 1-9 in NY State Safe Boating Book

Planing vs Displacement

Inboard vs outboard

Propeller Drive

Jet Drive

Hull Materials

Different types of Commercial Vessels

Boat Registration


Safe Fueling Loading and Powering

Preparing to get Underway

Marine Environment

MST 11

Homework Electrical Study Sheet Quest/ Application fo College Now class

Maritime Careeer Write Up DUe Tuesday Oct 13th

Ohms Law

Electrical Safety

Alternatng Current vs Direct Current

How alternators function

How is AC  rectified to become DC

Measure Volage

Test Continuity/Resistance

Using attery CHarger

Gaging Battery Health

Selecting Proper Wire Guage

Selecting wire color

Basics of Over-current protecion

MST 12

Homework Senior Project Draft Proposal

3 ideal internship sites

Career Exploration Maritime or No

If maritime what apect if not maritime then what do I want to work towards

FIberglass Repair

How fiberglass boats are made

Inside repair

Outside Repair

Gel Coat repair

Buffing and Polishing

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