Is Harbor Right for Me?

Honestly answer the following questions , if you answer a whole-hearted yes to one or more of these questions then there is a good chance Harbor is the place for you. If so visit for information about open houses and how to apply.

Are you drawn to the water?

Do you want to pursue a career related to marine science and or technology?

Do you love marine biology?

Do you want  to pilot and navigate boats?

Do you love fixing and making things and figuring out how things work?

Do  you want to be a marine mechanic, marine technician, marine electrician, marine welder, boat builder, marine engineer, shipwright or rigger?

Do you want to dive under the waters of New York Harbor?

Do you want to know how to grow  marine life both for human consumption and habitat restoration?

Do you want to design and build under water remote controlled vehicles?

Do you want to save the oceans, estuaries, lakes, rivers, ponds and streams for generations to come?

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